BeatRoute Magazine

At this monthly music and news magazine, I explored my passion for music journalism while developing my own journalistic voice. I was given much creative freedom, which allowed me to think about different ways to tell a story. Below are links to some of my most representative work.

Pixies – A showcase of having to write a story about difficult people avoiding difficult questions.

Oxford Collapse – I was able to interview this alt-rock trio in their hometown of Brooklyn while on vacation in New York, making it one of the few times I haven’t interviewed an international band over the phone. The personal approach made all the difference.

Gig Posters – Here I was given the opportunity to write a cover story on a local entrepreneur who had broken into the international sphere.

Matt Blais Connection – Rather than conduct a simple rock band interview with these contest winners, I used this a foundation to investigate the worth of throwing money at local musicians and what that can do to a local scene.

Youth Experience Music Program – A rare chance to connect on a local level and look past the rock stars towards business owners making a difference.

I have also written many album reviews for the magazine, and occasionally written the longer, lead reviews as well as historical “re-reviews” for re-released classic albums. Here are a couple samples:

Kanye West


Iggy and the Stooges